Golf Recap The 2018 Ryder Cup

The 2018 Ryder cup was one. The main reason for remembering this event might not have been only due to the play, but also due to the weather which the players needed to play at the tournament. The Saturday session was going to be a wet one as the players took the field. There were people standing around and watching, but each individual in sight was carrying an umbrella.

A group that seemed like it couldn’t be beaten was featured by the years to 2018. They had dominated the Americans for two events running before 2018 and were confident in their chances as they approached the live stream of Ryder Cup 2018.

Team Europe came out strong from the get-go. Although they had been directed by young players such as Henrik Stenson, they nevertheless had the confidence to play against the best players which were up against them. Stenson made a solid impression, by sealing the victory for the European group in event. He had been taking on a player by the title of Vaughn Taylor and jumped out to an early and remarkable lead. He went on to take out Taylor with a 4 and 3 victory. Though this was what sealed the win for the Europeans, there were many more factors that affected the success.

There were many veterans like Colin Montgomerie and Paul Casey which were important factors in helping Europe. Montgomerie is known for his longevity in the game as he’s a strong all-around video game. He managed oust his opponent so as to set up the first point on the board to the European group.

Paul Casey was equally impressive, taking out his opponent to be able to provide the European team another success. The most impressive play of the tournament likely came from David Howell.

Howell was paired up with an opponent by the name of Brett Wetterich and stepped up to the challenge in a big way. He wasn’t intimidated by the huge stage. Instead he played like he had never played before. He jumped out to a massive lead over Wetterich after winning an incredible 4 holes in a row. In every one of those holes he was able to score a birdie in all these holes. That play was really inspiring to his group and they appeared to react in a major way.

After he conquered Wetterich with his four and five performance, Luke Donald took the chance to shine. Luke Donald saw his chance and played with some impressive golf to be able to set the stage for Stenson to take the victory. He beat his opponent just minutes before Stenson took the last stage, paving the way to success. The effort from the Europeans was really a group .